Closer to nature, Red Rock Country is most enjoyed from Talahogan's tranquil outdoor spaces.  It's not just stunning vistas but the pungent fragrance of the vegetation and the sounds of nature and wildlife.  And all around the property are private, peaceful spaces for doing so.   



Talahogan's rustic patio is one of the most peaceful outdoor spaces on the hilltop with wide open views of the national forest and Mogollon Rim.  In the shape of a Navajo hogan, the spacious eight-sided patio is built around two large juniper trees.  Eat at the large wooden table (octagonal, of course!), cook on the three-burner gas grill, and relax on the roomy tree bench.  Off to the side, the five-person Sundance spa offers sweeping views both of the Red Rocks and the heavens. As an International Dark Sky Community, Sedona offers a rich night sky, ideal for star gazing!  Surrounding the patio are large landscaped beds that blend seamlessly with the natural pinyon-juniper woodland beyond. The nearby creek provides the restful sound of flowing water.  



Framing a stunning, expansive view of Sedona's eastern and southern horizons, the large deck provides a dramatic entrance to Talahogan. Made of local tumbled stone and barnwood, the space harmonizes with the magnificent Red Rock buttes and mountains beyond.  Embedded in the stonework are replicas of Hopi and Puebloan artwork.  Lining the garden wall are a variety of fragrant sages and yarrow.  

Bedroom Terrace


Enjoy a private, peaceful space on the small terrace off the Boynton Canyon BR.  At any time of day, a memorable mixture of garden fragrance,  flowing water, and mesmerizing play of light and shadow on the Red Rocks.  

Bunkhouse Terrace


The sunsets from this hilltop can be spectacular--not just for their brilliant range of colors but also for the imposing rock formations they backlight.  From Talahogan, the sun sets behind or near the Cockscomb, the large butte due west of the property.  One of the best places to enjoy these evening spectacles in the peacefulness of the open countryside is the terrace on the back side of the Bunkhouse.