Talahogan - The vacation home with the most sweeping panoramas of Red Rock Country in all Sedona
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The Wildlife--Talahogan vacation rental

While at Talahogan, you'll see and hear the wildlife that make their home in Red Rock Country and that are such a wonderful part of the experience here. Gone are the days when mountain lions would stroll through the property, but you'll no doubt see javelinas, rabbits and quail galore, occasional mule deer, roadrunners, squirrels, ringtails, bobcats, red fox as well as a wide variety of birds...and hear coyotes all night long. The ponds are a real draw for all the critters, big and small alike. The kitchen window and bedroom desk are key vantage points from which to watch the animals as they drink at the back pond and forage in the garden. Although the animals feel as if they have the run of the place, they will not approach if they sense you outside.The abundant wildlife you will experience at this vacation home truly sets it apart from other vacation rentals in Sedona. Please click here if you wish to contact us about the availability of this vacation home.

  Mule deer at the Vacation Rental   Wildlife at the Vacation Rental   Javelinas at the Vacation Rental  
  Mule deer come up to graze from time to time and drink from the pond.   Don't be surprised to see them in the very early morning hours staring in from outside the great room.   Javelinas--sometimes in large groups--visit regularly to drink at the ponds, graze...  
  Javelinas at the Vacation Rental   Cardinal on the property of the vacation rental   Quail family on the property of the vacation rental  
  ...and feast on anything edible!   Attracted by the habitat, numerous birds--like this beautiful cardinal--make their home at Talahogan.   You will see quail coveys all over the property, particularly by the ponds where they drink and forage.  
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