Talahogan - The vacation home with the most sweeping panoramas of Red Rock Country in all Sedona
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The Views--Talahogan vacation rental

The vacation home sits on one of the most remarkable view lots in all Sedona. From its hilltop perch on Sedona's western fringe, there are unobstructed panoramic views in virtually all directions--from Cathedral, Castle, Bell and Courthouse rocks in the southeast to Mitten Ridge and Schnebly hill in the east. To the north, are magnificent views of Capitol Butte, the Wilderness Area and Boynton Canyon, wrapping around to Cockscomb Butte (above), the westernmost bastion of Red Rock Country. The beauty of these red rock vistas varies from season to season and throughout the day as the sun and clouds move across the sky in an ever-changing tableau of light, shadows and color...sometimes, like after monsoon rains, graced by a magnificent rainbow. Please click here if you wish to contact us about the availability of this vacation home.

  Views of the Vacation Rental   Views of the Vacation Rental   Views of the Vacation Rental  
  Southeast: Courthouse, Bell, Castle and Cathedral rocks   East: Sugarloaf, Mitten Ridge, Cowpies, Schnebly Hill and Mogollon Rim   Northeast: Capitol Butte  
  Views of the Vacation Rental   Views of the Vacation Rental   Views of the Vacation Rental  
  North: Boynton Canyon and Wilderness Area with Mogollon Rim in background   Northwest: The vast Wilderness Area including Doe Mesa, Bear Mtn, Fay Canyon   West: Cockscomb Butte  
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