Talahogan - The vacation home with the most sweeping panoramas of Red Rock Country in all Sedona
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The Grounds--Talahogan vacation rental

At the very boundary between the high desert and Colorado Plateau, Sedona is a unique life zone where cacti and junipers thrive alongside high-country piƱons and perennials. Much of the vacation rental's property is beautifully landscaped with winding paths, ponds, streams, waterfalls and large beds. From March into November, the garden delights with the colors and pungent fragrance of native vegetation. And in the background--everywhere on the grounds--the peaceful sound of running water. The color, smells, sounds, and life of the grounds provide a beautiful, natural, peaceful setting in which to savor fully the magnificence of the surrounding red rocks. Please click here if you wish to contact us about the availability of this vacation home.

  Grounds of the Vacation Rental   Grounds of the Vacation Rental   Grounds of the Vacation Rental  
  A blend of desert plants and perennials in a natural high-country landscape   Peaceful running water and colorful border plants of the back pond and brook   The 2 1/2 acres cover much of the hill and blend seamlessly into the open countryside beyond  
  Grounds of the Vacation Rental   Grounds of the Vacation Rental   Grounds of the Vacation Rental  
  The deck is surrounded by the colors & fragrance of high-country plants   Paths weave around the property, by the ponds and through the many beds   The large beds provide a colorful--and fragrant!--foreground for the red rock views  
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