Talahogan - The vacation home with the most sweeping panoramas of Red Rock Country in all Sedona
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The Bedrooms--Talahogan vacation rental

Each of the vacation home's three bedrooms are designed to capture the panoramic views from their locations. The Boynton Canyon and Coxcomb bedrooms feature dramatic views onto those formations while the Sugar Loaf bedroom and adjoining deck take in Sedona's entire eastern tableau, including Cathedral Rock. The vacation home's Sugar Loaf bedroom has a king-size bed, the other two bedrooms queen-size ones. In addition, there is a queen-size futon sofa in the den. Each bedroom has its own individual decor and feel along with special features: Boynton Canyon enjoys a small terrace, the Coxcomb its own walk-in closet, and Sugar Loaf its own separate bath, TV, small refrigerator, and adjoining deck. Please click here if you wish to contact us about the availability of this vacation home.

  Bedrooms of the Vacation Rental   Bedrooms of the Vacation Rental   Bedrooms of the Vacation Rental  
  Cockscomb BR has magnificent views of that butte & Sedona's western canyons   Boynton Canyon BR has expansive views of Sedona's wilderness areas   The Sugar Loaf BR has panoramic views of Sedona's eastern horizon  
  Bedrooms of the Vacation Rental   Bedrooms of the Vacation Rental   Bedrooms of the Vacation Rental  
  The pastel red rock tones and light Mexican pine furniture of Cockscomb BR   The bold colors, dark woods, and rugged western decor of Boynton Canyon BR   The large iron bed, Aladdin lamps and muted, earth-tone colors of the Sugar Loaf BR  
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